About BullKing

In the BullKing Club, we aim for discipline, inspiration and power.

Born in the heart of Norway, designed in the city of Oslo. We know how important a health and wellness based lifestyle is to the people of Oslo and we aim to create clothing and provide products that inspire sustainable fitness goals. In the cold winters or the Norwegian summers, the training studios never fail to have dedicated fitness goers, they are disciplined, they are inspirational and their dedication, it's damn powerful.


About Zoran Mesaros

Founder of BullKing, Zoran Mesaros is a personal trainer, a kickboxing coach and retired national kickboxing and Muay Thai Champion.

Having moved from Serbia to Oslo 7 years ago, Zoran found himself in a community of likeminded fitness fanatics. Passionate about fitness, health and transforming himself and others into their most powerful versions, to do more, to be more and thus, BullKing was born.